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Lamorne Morris Names What Trump Fears Most About Kamala Harris

Trump said that President Joe Biden, who dropped out of the race on Sunday while recovering from COVID-19, never really had the infection. “Really? Trump thinks Biden never had COVID?” Morris said on Monday. “You don’t pretend to have COVID to get out of running for president. You pretend to have COVID to get out […]

Kamala Harris: From prosecutor to possible president

With President Joe Biden out of the running, Vice-President Kamala Harris is vying for a place at the top of the Democrats’ 2024 election ticket. She got her political start as a prosecutor in California, before gaining national attention with a failed 2020 presidential campaign and her election to the second-highest office in the US […]

Trump supporters at Mar-a-Lago: “It doesn’t matter who they put in, we’ve got this”

PALM BEACH – Republican voters visiting Mar-a-Lago on Monday reacted to President Joe Biden‘s decision not to run for another term. For them, this is not a contest. They believe Trump will win regardless of the opponent.  Michelle Seitz and her friends who are on a girls’ trip from Ohio were in Palm Beach County […]

Shifting from Biden to Harris, Democrats reset the race. But scholars see risks.

It is a moment of extraordinary significance in U.S. political history: Joe Biden, 81 years old and seemingly frail, is stepping away from his campaign less than four months before the election. He has endorsed Vice President Kamala Harris, 59, who would be the first Black, Asian-American woman ever to lead the nation. Democrats have […]

Harris picks up enough delegate support to win nomination on first full day of her campaign

CNN  —  After potential rivals, lawmakers, governors and influential labor and advocacy groups all lined up behind Vice President Kamala Harris, a wave of endorsements from state delegations Monday evening pushed her over the threshold needed to secure the Democratic nomination. She’s been backed by well more than the 1,976 pledged delegates needed to win the […]

Harris tells supporters how she will challenge Trump

Vice President Kamala Harris publicly spoke on Monday for the first time about running for president at her now campaign headquarters in Wilmington, Del. Speaking to the campaign staff about the kinds of defendants she faced as a prosecutor, Harris said, “I know Donald Trump’s type” and added she would “proudly” put her record against […]

J.D. Vance bashes Democratic nominee change as anti-democratic

MIDDLETOWN, Ohio — A week after Sen. J.D. Vance (R-Ohio) became Donald Trump’s running mate, set to take on President Biden’s running mate Kamala D. Harris, he faced an unexpected challenge: Harris is now the leading contender to top the Democratic ticket and her vice-presidential pick is unknown. So in his first solo rally, Vance […]

Joe Scarborough Rips Trump With ‘Most Telling’ Part Of GOP Response To Biden News

MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough on Sunday highlighted the telltale sign that he believes shows Republicans are truly “not happy” with President Joe Biden’s decision to nix his 2024 reelection campaign. Namely, their utter meltdowns over the news. The GOP response is “the most telling thing about how positive this may be for the Democratic Party,” Scarborough […]

Republicans haven’t won Bucks County in a presidential election since 1988. Trump supporters hope to change that.

DOYLESTOWN, Pa. (CBS) — Donald Trump supporters in Doylestown, Pennsylvania, said the news about President Biden dropping out has energized their base. In the last several months, Republicans have added more than 3,000 new registrations, which pushes that party into the majority in Bucks County. Republicans have built back strength in the suburban Philadelphia county […]