Adam Kinzinger Hits Back At Ex-Trump Adviser For Mocking Him Over Biden Endorsement

Former Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-Ill.) swiftly shut down David Urban, a GOP strategist and ex-senior adviser to the Trump 2016 campaign, for attempting to knock his recent endorsement of Joe Biden in the wake of the president’s rocky debate performance.

“You just endorsed President Biden the day before the debate –,” CNN’s Anderson Cooper asked Kinzinger before Urban cut him off on Friday.

“How’s that going for ya?” asked Urban, who proceeded to laugh.

“I’m just wondering, you know, any regrets about that? Or, I mean, how do you see this –,” Cooper said.

“No and you know what, David, no, David, listen man,” Kinzinger said.

“You know what I’m proud of? I’m proud that I’m not standing here sitting on a stage supporting a man who’s a habitual liar who couldn’t tell the truth, who pretended like the January 6 committee deleted all evidence and it’s on the frickin’ internet.”

Kinzinger, who became a harsh critic of former President Donald Trump following the deadly Capitol riot, took to social media to back Biden’s reelection campaign on Wednesday and labeled the former president as a “direct threat to every fundamental American value.”

Biden’s debate performance, which saw him providing rambling responses, has since sparked concerns and panic among the Democratic Party.

Kinzinger, in an interview with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer earlier on Friday, declared that he wasn’t going to “go there” when asked if he thinks it’d be a “good idea” for Biden to drop out of the race.

He later told Cooper that the debate was a “terrible night,” adding that the Biden campaign and Democrats “gained nothing by pretending” it was anything but that.

“But the thing I am so proud of not having to do is to defend a man who could not tell the truth last night,” Kinzinger said.

Urban went on to interrupt Kinzinger and asked him if he wished he didn’t endorse Biden.

“No, no, I don’t wish I didn’t endorse him,” Kinzinger replied.

“I’m proud of standing against the habitual liar who lies about everything from January 6th to his golf game, that he wins club championships, that he’s never lost. That makes me proud.”

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