‘Sopranos’ Star Claims Hollywood Is Full Of ‘Quiet’ Trump Voters, Questions Actors Getting Paid To Support Biden

“The Sopranos” actress Drea de Matteo claimed Monday on Fox News that Hollywood is full of “quiet” Trump supporters, questioning if the actors throwing their weight behind President Joe Biden are being paid to do so.

Matteo appeared on “Jesse Watters Primetime” to discuss the recent lineup of Hollywood stars that have come forward to speak about their support of Biden in this upcoming election. After playing a montage of the actors, Fox host Jesse Watters asked the actress if there were supporters of former President Donald Trump in the Democratic stronghold of the entertainment industry. (RELATED: ‘F*ck You!’: Trump Supporters, Robert De Niro Get Into Shouting Match Outside Courthouse)

“Hello there, first of all. And I think there is a lot of them. I think there are a lot of — that was a hard intro to watch. I’m sorry,” Matteo laughed.

“Was it Jack Black’s legs?” Watters teased.

“No, it’s the Italian, man. We’re talking about Fauci, we’re talking about De Niro. I am mortified right now by my people. I don’t know understand what we’re doing here. Anyhow, yes. There are a lot of quiet Trump supporters, there are a lot of Kennedy supporters. And wow, I wonder how much the actors got paid to endorse Biden at this point. I’m curious, because that seems — I wonder if De Niro got paid a locations fee because he had to travel to the courtroom to do that,” Matteo said.

“Is that how it works? Do you guys get paid? I mean, can you just maybe not give them cash like Bob Menedez or slip them a gold bar, but can you just kinda make it like a silent deal like, ‘Oh, we’ll give you this next role or you know we’ll get you a book deal.’ Is it something like that, or an appearance fee?” Watters asked.

“I don’t know. I don’t really maneuver inside that industry. I never have. First of all, ‘Sopranos,’ we were the outcast, even though we were critically acclaimed, we still were outcasts. So I’m still an outcast, here I am. They’re going to take me out into the woods and shoot me for not endorsing Biden,” Matteo joked.

Within the last month, various high-profile celebrities have come forward online and at fundraisers to garner supporters behind the president as November grows closer. Biden recently held a fundraiser within Hollywood, where entertainment stars such as George Clooney and Julia Roberts helped the president raise $30 million-plus, according to The Associated Press.

While Hollywood has been known to lean towards the support of Biden, Trump has begun to pull from other Democratic strongholds such as the Silicon Valley investors. Just this month, Craft Ventures co-founder David Sacks held a fundraiser for the former president in San Francisco, where he raised $12 million with Sacks describing it as a “total love fest.”

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