Jordan Klepper Explains How He Avoids Getting Killed By MAGA Fans At Trump Rallies

Daily Show” correspondent Jordan Klepper is often in hostile territory as he mocks the MAGA faithful waiting outside of Donald Trump’s rallies.

That led to a key question at a recent “Daily Show” panel.

“How have you not gotten your ass kicked way more than you have?” entertainment reporter Matthew Belloni asked.

“Well, I have a couple things: One, I’m a white guy at a Trump really, it helps. I’m a tall white guy,” he said. “And also four security guards.”

Klepper called that “wild.”

“When we started doing this and going out into the field you didn’t need a security guard because you were an improv teacher a week and a half ago,” he said. “So the idea that somebody wanted to kill you or murder you seemed asinine. And yet here we are, walking into spaces to talk about politics with four armed guards. But that’s what comedy wants in 2024.”

See the full conversation below:

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