An Evangelical Answers the Left’s Question: How Can Followers of Jesus Support Donald Trump?

Author Stephen Strang says it’s hypocrisy that mainstream media on the left

skewers Donald Trump’s Evangelical supporters, asking the question, ‘How can

believers in Jesus Christ support a man known for his philandering?’  Strang,

who’s also the founder of Charisma Media, says, “Did we hold Lyndon Baines

Johnson or John Kennedy or Bill Clinton or a bunch of other people up to that

high standard? I don’t think so.” On this episode of Lighthouse Faith, Strang,

who’s the author of “God And Donald Trump”, and “Trump Aftershock: The

President’s Seismic Impact On Faith And Culture”, talks about Trump’s legal

woes, now that he’s a convicted felon thanks to New York’s District Attorney, and

why Evangelicals still support him. He points out that when Trump was a New

York billionaire Playboy, part of the social scene, attending Chelsea Clinton’s

wedding, for instance, he was the darling of the press. But when he got serious

about life, protecting America’s borders, joining the Republican Party, and

getting serious about his faith, that’s when the media turned on him. Strang is

worried that many of the new Evangelicals are engaged in hero worship of

Trump, but he says most of Trump’s supporters are silent, wanting only the right

choice for their communities and the country.

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