Donald Trump tells Black worshipers not to vote for ‘king of the super predators’ Joe Biden during stop at Detroit church and promises to rebuild auto industry

By Rob Crilly, Senior U.S. Political Reporter For Dailymail.Com In Detroit, Michigan

21:59 15 Jun 2024, updated 22:10 15 Jun 2024

  • Trump spent Saturday in Detroit at a Black church and a rightwing conference
  • The former president holds the thinnest of polling leads over Biden in Michigan
  • READ MORE: Trump ally says low-propensity voters will be the key to election

Donald Trump barreled into Democratic territory on Saturday, telling a Black church congregation in blue-collar Detroit that he brought record low unemployment to African-Americans and urging them not to vote for ‘king of the super predators’ Joe Biden.

Trump has made inroads among minority voters and his visit to the 180 Church is the latest sign his campaign believes it can hurt Biden with some of his core support.  

‘We think we’re going to win this state. We’re leading right now by a lot,’ he said on Saturday afternoon.

‘So it’s an honour to be here. It’s a very important area for us. 

‘We’ve done more for and I say this, I say proudly more for the black population than any president since Abraham Lincoln. That’s a big statement.’

Former President Donald Trump visited Detroit, Michigan, on Saturday. First he held a roundtable at the 180 Church, which serves an African-American congregation

Trump has made similar claims before although his visit to the city and a Black church marks an audacious move and a sign of confidence in the Trump campaign. 

But sitting before a giant, illuminated crucifix, Trump had to stretch the truth to make his point about his record serving Black Americans.

‘We achieved the lowest African-American unemployment rate,’ he said. 

‘The lowest African American poverty rate ever recorded, ever, ever recorded during my four years. 

‘We lifted 6.6 million people out of poverty. Black Americans saw their largest increase in homeownership on record.’

In fact, Black unemployment was on a downward trend throughout Trump’s four years in power (except for during the pandemic shutdown) but reached even lower rates under Biden. 

And he reminded his audience of the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act of 1994. It ramped up spending on prisons and policing, as well as providing billions of dollars in preventative measures to reduce spiraling crime.

‘You know, he walks around now talking about the black vote,’ said Trump. ‘He’s the king of the super predators and he wrote the 1994 bill that you talk about so much.

In fact, then first lady Hillary Clinton used the term ‘super predator’ while Biden actually distanced himself from the term when it was applied to young, Black offenders. 

Trump took part in a roundtable at the church, to hear about issues facing the local community. 

About 1000 people gathered at the 180 Church in Detroit, Michigan to hear Trump speak
Guests listen to the national anthem prior to the start of a roundtable with Republican presidential candidate and former President Donald Trump at the 180 Church
The visit ended with a prayer for Trump and a rendition of ‘Happy Birthday’ for the former president who turned 78 a day earlier. He is seen here sitting beside veteran Carlos Chambers

It ended with a prayer and a rendition of ‘Happy Birthday’ for the former president who turned 78 a day earlier. 

Trump’s itinerary highlighted the tightrope he is trying to walk in the 2024 election, first visiting an African-American church before speaking at a Turning Point Action gathering, a group which the Anti Defamation League says attracts racists and extremists. 

James Perkins, the pastor of Greater Christ Baptist Church in Detroit, accused Trump of a political stunt.

‘Donald Trump has the nerve to waltz into our city and act like he wants to understand the struggles Black Detroiters face, but the reality is he doesn’t care,’ he said. 

‘Every time Trump opens his mouth to talk to Black folks, he demonizes us, insults us, and makes empty promises he’ll never keep.’

Charlie Kirk told the Turning Point Action People’s Convention crowd on Friday evening: ‘You must find low-propensity voters in your life and get them registered to vote’
Robert Broderick and Rachel dance before the start of the conservative Turning Point Action’s the People’s Convention at Huntington Place, Detroit, Michigan

Biden won Michigan in 2020 by three points. And few demographic groups matter more to Democrats than Black voters.

But the Trump campaign is making inroads among a group that has expressed frustration with Biden. 

Biden’s approval rating among Black adults has dropped from 94 percent to 55 percent during his term, according to a recent Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research poll.

And in Michigan the former president has a narrow lead of about half a point in polling averages.

Trump told his audience that he would rebuild the city’s ailing auto industry, which he said had been destroyed by free trade agreements.

The overwhelmingly Black congregation was joined by white Trump supporters on Saturday

‘They’re building the biggest auto plants anywhere in the world right now in Mexico, fairly close to the border,’ he said, promising to impose massive tariffs on imported cars. 

‘We want those plants built in our country, not in that country. 

‘We’re gonna bring back the auto industry to Michigan.’

Michael Whatley, the new chairman of the Republican National Committee, said the state was crucial to the election in November.

‘Everybody knows if we don’t win Michigan, we’re not going to have a Republican in the White House,’ he told Michigan Republicans at a party dinner on Friday night, according to the Associated Press. 

‘Let me be more blunt: If we don’t win Michigan, we’re not going to have Donald in the White House.’

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