Doug Burgum is the latest buzzy contender for Trump’s VP

Donald Trump has still not decided who his running mate will be, and the guessing game continues. However, it looks like the wait might not be much longer. Doug Burgum, the Governor of North Dakota, might end up being the safe option, The New York Times reported.

The Trump campaign has already requested the personal information and documents of multiple potential vice-presidential candidates — including Burgum  building suspense ahead of the official announcement at the Republican National Convention that starts on July 15th, just days after Trump’s sentencing. 

But becoming Trump’s running mate might not be easy, as the former president has some specific drama-free stipulations after the media attention his hush-money trials garnered. Trump requires a contender who can run a “disciplined campaign,” the Times reported. 

The Republican governor might have positioned himself at the forefront carefully by showing his unfettered support for the presumptive GOP nominee by appearing in court during his criminal trial. The governor also defended the former president when he likened the Biden administration to the “Gestapo.” 

What makes Burgum a bit of a wildcard, however, is that he is largely untested on a national stage and is sparsely known, even amongst Trump supporters. He’s also not an “ideological warrior” like other contenders, such as Tom Cotton. 

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