Donald Trump Supporters Faint Outside Phoenix Rally, Get Medical Attention

Getty/ABC15 Arizona Composite

Donald Trump

Supporters Faint Outside Rally …

Extreme Heat The Cause

Donald Trump‘s supporters started dropping left and right outside his Arizona rally this week … fainting while waiting in line to get in — with many saying extreme heat’s to blame.

New video taken outside Dream City Church in Phoenix Thursday is making the rounds online showing paramedics running around the area to help out several people who appear overcome by the heat — sitting close to 110 degrees.

I’ve seen so far at least 3 people carried off on stretches due to the heat as they wait in line in the sun to get into Donald Trump’s event … it’s 102 degrees out @abc15

— Ben Brown (@bdbrown473) June 6, 2024

Check out the clips … Ben Brown — a reporter for ABC15 in Phoenix — posted video documenting the scene, including a clip showing one individual receiving an IV underneath a couple white pop-up tents.

Here is another person getting an IV

— Ben Brown (@bdbrown473) June 6, 2024

Another clip also appears to show paramedics wheeling people off in stretchers … with Brown saying he’d seen at least three people get taken off at that point. ABC is reporting at least 11 people were taken to the hospital due to heat exhaustion.

A local photographer captured snaps that he says are from the front entrance of the venue … where at least two people seem to be collapsed.

Photojournalist @stoll_r_jake witnessed two more people pass out right before entering the doors of the venue at the Trump rally

— Ben Brown (@bdbrown473) June 6, 2024

Of course, DJT’s holding a huge rally in the area tonight … and, from the pics and vids, it looks like many people came out to support the former president amid his conviction on 34 counts of falsifying business records.

45 was set to speak at 2 PM … a couple clips are going around online right now — and, Trump fired up the crowd too — even getting an NSFW word chanted throughout the venue.

Seems the event went as planned … and, hopefully, everyone who needed medical attention is doing alright.

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