Veterans Unload On ‘Draft Dodger’ Trump In Scathing New Attack Ad

A new ad from President Joe Biden’s campaign released in time for Thursday’s D-Day commemoration features three U.S. veterans putting Donald Trump on blast.

“He’s a draft dodger, simple as that,” said Army veteran Ed McCabe.

“I see a man who is only in this for himself,” Matthew McLaughlin, who was a Navy pilot for eight years, said of Trump. “Donald Trump has zero accountability in his life.”

“I think the election is the difference between authoritarianism and democracy,” said Curtis Register, who served in the U.S. Marine Corps.

“He’s not fit to be commander-in-chief,” said McCabe. “He’s not fit to lead a squad, and he’s definitely not fit to be president of the United States.”

Trump avoided the draft during the Vietnam War with four deferments for college and one for bone spurs in his heels, later telling radio host Howard Stern that avoiding sexually transmitted diseases was “my personal Vietnam.”

He has also denigrated veterans, infamously dismissing late Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) because he was a prisoner of war in Vietnam.

“I like people who weren’t captured,” he said in 2015.

He also reportedly referred to Americans killed in WWI as “losers” and “suckers,” and didn’t want wounded veterans around him at an event because it “doesn’t look good for me.”

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