Does Trump’s criminal conviction matter to voters?

MINNEAPOLIS — In five months, Minnesotans along with the rest of the country will go to the polls to vote for the next president.

But how will former President Donald’s Trump criminal conviction impact votes?

Talking Points: Does Trump’s criminal conviction matter to voters? (part 1)

One poll taken after the guilty verdicts in New York, shows Trump in a statistical tie with President Biden, with Trump leading 44% to Mr. Biden’s 43%. It’s the same result the poll came up with when voters were surveyed before the verdict.

Some polls taken after the verdict, however, indicate a conviction will cut into Trump’s support. Reuters/IPSOS poll found 10% of Trump supporters say they are now less likely to vote for him.

Trump as a convicted felon can still run for president, however, if elected he may not be able to go on some state visits due to probation conditions.

Talking Points: Does Trump’s criminal conviction matter to voters? (part 2)

“There are several countries in the world, including Great Britain and Canada, that do not allow convicted felons into their country,” said political analyst and Hamline Professor David Schultz.

Meanwhile, Larry Jacobs, political analyst and politics professor at the University of Minnesota’s Humphrey School of Public Affairs, says pocketbook issues are still eclipsing the former president’s legal problems.

“If you’re being convicted of a felony and you’re still going to have 85 or 90% supporting your party, it shows you’re going to be fairly strong going into the general election,” said Jacobs.

Talking Points: Does Trump’s criminal conviction matter to voters? (part 3)

Democratic strategist Abou Amara says it will come down to this question for voters.

“It’s really about, can we have a convicted felon in the White House, or should we have four more years?” Amara said.

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