‘Morning Joe’ Slams WSJ ‘Trump Hit Piece On Joe Biden’

Mika Brzezinski of “Morning Joe” sarcastically bashed a Wall Street Journal story Wednesday about the president that co-host Joe Scarborough called a “Trump hit piece on Joe Biden.”

Headlined “Behind Closed Doors, Biden Shows Signs of Slipping,” the Journal’s tome-like snoozer leaned heavily on anonymous Republican sources at meetings and comments from former Speaker Kevin McCarthy to paint a picture of a commander in chief in decline.

Scarborough chastised the newspaper for seemingly ignoring previous reports that McCarthy has privately praised Biden’s sharpness. Earlier on X, formerly called Twitter, the host also expressed disappointment with the “false, biased” article produced by the Journal.

Later on the air, Brzezinski supported Scarborough’s claim with a bit of sardonic wit aimed at what the two saw as a GOP-leaning hatchet job.

As the two discussed who was quoted in the piece, Brzezinski sniped, “Why didn’t they just ask Marjorie Taylor Greene?”

“Exactly,” Scarborough replied.

“And Lauren Boebert,” she said.

Noting the House’s perhaps-most-controversial fringe lawmakers who constantly attack Biden hammered home her point.

“It’s really shocking,” Scarborough added. “Especially when you see what Kevin McCarthy has said repeatedly, publicly and behind the scenes, about Biden on those same days when they were negotiating.”

Brzezinski put an exclamation point on the exchange: “The strong feelings you’re seeing about this article comes also because the context of this race and these two candidates — it’s interesting. That’s all I’ll say.”

Biden and GOP rival Donald Trump both face questions about their cognitive abilities but polls suggest Trump is perceived as the more spry of the two.

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