Eric Swalwell Swiftly Exposes GOP ‘Hypocrisy’ On Supreme Court Treatment

Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-Calif.) called out Republicans’ “hypocrisy” toward the Supreme Court after House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-La.) suggested SCOTUS should intervene in the wake of former President Donald Trump’s guilty verdict.

“The hypocrisy of these guys. We back the blue, we back the blue. Well then the blue go and issue a search warrant on their guy and all of a sudden they want to defund the police, right?” said Swalwell in an appearance on MSNBC’s “The Weekend.”

He continued, “They say they’re all for state’s rights and then they get a court that overturns Roe v. Wade and now they want a federal abortion ban. And then they say that court should be independent and respected but, by the way, if we need to we can back channel to them. It’s not about the Constitution. It’s just about serving Trump.”

Swalwell’s remarks arrive days after Chief Justice John Roberts turned down Senate Democrats’ request to meet with him regarding Justice Samuel Alito, who is the focus of reports on controversial flag displays at his properties.

The lawmakers, in their letter, asked if he’d discuss the need for Alito to recuse himself from 2020 election-related cases.

Congress could act on Alito’s flag scandal, however, it appears unlikely lawmakers would issue a subpoena to either Alito or Roberts, Politico noted.

“The Weekend” co-host Symone Sanders-Townsend, former senior adviser for the Biden 2020 campaign, tossed to a clip of Johnson’s recent remarks that he knows many Supreme Court justices personally and he thinks they’re “deeply concerned” about Trump’s hush money case.

“I think they’ll set this straight but it’s going to take awhile, you’re right, the process takes awhile to play out,” said Johnson in a Fox News appearance on Friday.

“The Weekend” co-host Michael Steele, former chair of the Republican National Committee, questioned Johnson’s comments about thinking the justices were “deeply concerned.”

“For me, it’s not a dilemma for Democrats in the Senate. This is not a dilemma. You demand the conversation with the chief justice because this is fragrant violation of crossing lines politically,” he said.

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