Will Trump’s conviction sway voters? Some offer first reactions

One said he’s “out of contention” while another said he’s “all in for Trump!”

A big question hovering over Donald Trump’s guilty verdicts is whether it will make a difference with voters come November.

Several voters from across the country spoke with ABC News in the moments following Trump’s conviction, sharing their initial thoughts on the news and how it affects their views of the presumptive Republican presidential nominee.

“This outcome has now hardened my support to vote for Trump,” Paddock said. “I’m now all in for Trump!”

“I didn’t know how I’d feel about this [verdict] until it happened, and it makes me want to vote for him more than I did yesterday,” LaFrankie said.

But other GOP voters had the opposite reaction.

“It’s crazy that we have a former president as a felon,” Labkovski said. “I think it’s just a sad day for U.S. politics, but hope it inspires change in everyone … [I’m] more likely not to vote for him now.”

Non-Republican voters also weighed in on the verdict.

Mark, a 37-year-old private investigator from Miami, is an independent voter who said the verdict made that decision not to vote for Trump clear for him.

“It was [an] option, it was possible, but now it’s like no, it’s not [an] option,” he said of voting for Trump.

“Who knows what else is gonna come out? At the end of the day, once you’ve been brought up on charges, when you get charged that much, there’s probably gonna be a lot more,” Mark added.

Jamie Savoy, a 38-year-old Democrat, voted for Biden in 2020 and was considering voting for Trump. She called the verdict a “shock and disappointment.”

“It does feel like it’s going to influence my decision,” she said, noting she hasn’t “100% ruled” out voting for him but is “less sure than before.”

ABC News’ Hannah Demissie contributed to this report.

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