Mary Trump Flags Most Ironic Consequence Of Uncle’s Trial Meltdowns

Mary Trump noted how her uncle Donald Trump’s bad and disrespectful behavior during his hush money trial could now come back to seriously haunt him.

The former president was on Thursday convicted on all 34 charges in the criminal case. The presumptive GOP presidential nominee repeatedly violated Judge Juan Merchan’s gag order that prohibited him from talking about jurors, prosecutors, witnesses, court staff and their families.

“The irony for him,” Trump’s niece said on MSNBC, is that “if he behaved like a human being throughout this trial, I think that the risk of prison would have been fairly low.”

“But because of his egregious behavior,” she continued, “Because he broke that gag order 11 times, because the judge had to make that ruling and because the judge deferred any significant punishment, I think the chances that he gets a prison term have increased exponentially.”

Earlier in the segment, Mary Trump said her uncle, of who she is a vocal critic, just couldn’t cope with being in the courthouse environment in which he didn’t have full control. It meant he couldn’t “cater” to the jury and suggested it could be why he frequently fell asleep,” she said.

“We know he was never going to testify so he really needed to just behave like a respectful, decent human being who is taking this seriously and not just sort of skating on his hope that the jury was going to be so intimidated by him and his power and his position,” Mary Trump added.

Watch Mary Trump’s full analysis here:

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