Fox News Host Fact-Checks Alina Habba Over Trump Trial

Fox News anchor Shannon Bream pushed back hard at Alina Habba’s claim that President Joe Biden is responsible for the hush money trial against Donald Trump. (Watch the video below.)

The exchange even caught the attention of the presumptive GOP presidential candidate, who called Bream “anti-MAGA” and “stupid.”

As the jury deliberated on Wednesday, Bream and Habba, now a legal spokesperson for Trump after serving as his lawyer, verbally sparred outside the Manhattan courthouse.

“This is exactly a Biden show because he’s got to distract the American people,” Habba said.

“But the Biden administration is not responsible for this trial,” Bream corrected her.

“How can you say the Biden administration is not responsible?” Habba asked.

“It’s a state trial,” Bream explained. “It’s [Manhattan District Attorney] Alvin Bragg. Whether you think there’s a political motive for him, it’s not connected to the DOJ. I mean, the feds passed on these election charges.”

Habba continued to try to make her case by asserting that state prosecutors have visited the White House. Bream held her ground.

“The feds passed on these cases, is the point I’m making,” Bream said.

Habba attempted to link Bragg’s interest in the case to political motivation and accused Biden of exploiting the trial for publicity after actor Robert De Niro appeared outside the courtroom on Tuesday on behalf of the incumbent’s campaign. She said Biden has plans to speak publicly when a verdict comes down for Trump.

Bream, also an attorney, noted that any president would want to “weigh in” on the unprecedented criminal trial of a former president.

The jury began deliberations Wednesday in the case, in which Trump is accused of disguising hush money payments to a porn star as legal expenses to keep their alleged affair out of the public eye before the 2016 election.

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