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The Issue: Robert De Niro yelling at Trump supporters after saying former prez should get jail time.

Robert De Niro’s disconnected tirade directed at former President Trump is reminiscent of President Biden and the mainstream media in that they all have a frenzied, unsubstantiated belief that Trump is a threat to American democracy (“Raging Bull­sh*t,” May 29).

They continue to paint this farcical characterization of Trump as opposed to speaking to the real issues that impact the average American on a daily basis, like inflation.

The fact that they keep up this feeble approach is indicative of how futile and ineffective the Biden administration’s policies have been.

The indictment of Trump is obviously a political hit job and exposes how the criminal-justice system has been weaponized to eliminate the political opponents of the establishment.

Denis David

East Rockaway

I have to admit I really enjoyed watching Robert De Niro yell at Trump supporters.

I was never a fan, but his histrionics are so outrageous.

When De Niro takes it to the next level you can’t help watching.

Jean Cole

Juno Beach, Fla.

Leave it to The Post to condemn Robert De Niro for standing up for his beliefs and America’s democracy.

Everything De Niro said was factual and true.

Donald Trump is the biggest threat to our democracy since the Civil War — and, like dictators before him, he continues to fool people with his endless lies.

Not only does Trump not belong in power, he should not be living free in our beautiful democracy.

He should be locked up for being an enemy of America (as should several members of his family, for that matter).

Kreg Ramone


It was certainly not an Oscar-winning performance by any means.

It was actually pathetic to watch an accomplished actor stoop to this level by commanding the mic with his bully-infused performance.

Ronald G. Frank

West Orange, NJ

As a registered independent who considers Donald Trump an unlettered, inarticulate buffoon, I nonetheless take issue with Robert De Niro’s vulgar press conference outside the Manhattan courthouse where POTUS 45 awaits his fate in the hush money trial.

De Niro’s display of raging incoherence is typical of this overrated thespian.

Rosario A. Iaconis


De Niro would rather return to four more years of punishing inflation, rampant civil unrest, a dysfunctional border and international conflagrations simply because of a personal animus against Trump.

The time spent bashing Trump could have been better used this weekend in honoring our brave Americans who gave their lives for our freedoms.

Anthony Bruno


Reading about the latest rants of De Niro in this paper reaffirms to me the Dems’ lunacy.

Liberals have hit the panic button since voters saw their threats about Trump in 2020 never come to fruition.

I guess after seeing the Trump supporter press conferences and rallies recently, the DNC wanted to duplicate what Trump supporters have been achieving.

But bringing in De Niro seems like the typical Democratic playbook of using liberal Hollywood entertainers to spread messaging.

It’s especially disappointing from someone, like De Niro, who has such a huge and diverse fan base.

Greg Raleigh

Washington, DC

Robert De Niro made a fool of himself going on this tantrum about Trump.

De Niro represents the Democratic Party, which is only out for votes.

It’s about time voters open their eyes and realize Democrats don’t have their interests at heart.

Let’s hope it’s a clean sweep for Republicans in 2024, so we can get this country back to where it used to be, before it’s too late.

Bill McCreary


I don’t know what gives celebrities the impression that they know more than the rest of us.

Joel M. Glazer

Elizabeth, NJ

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