Trump’s ‘hush money’ NYC trial live updates: Closing arguments, photos, more

Manhattan prosecutor Joshua Steinglass called part of Stormy Daniels’ testimony “cringey” — but said that her close eye for the details about the night she claims she slept with Donald Trump prove that she’s trustworthy.

“That’s the type of display that the defendant didn’t want the American voter to see. In simple terms: Stormy Daniels is the motive,” Steinglass said.

“Her story is messy, it makes people uncomfortable,” Steinglass said. “But that’s the point, that’s the display that the defendant didn’t want the American public to see: Stormy Daniels is the motive.

“Mr. Trump would not pay $130,000, doubled after it was grossed up for taxes, to someone who he just took a photo with on a golf course.”

Steinglass called out Trump’s team for going to “great lengths” to discredit the former porn star, claiming they “shamed her” and “demonized” her for being an adult film star, and “tried to suggest her story has changed over the years.”

But the Manhattan prosecutor said her memory of the topics discussed and dining area of Trump’s hotel room are pieces that “ring true.”

“Those are the kind of details you expect someone to remember,” Steinglass said.

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