Brooks and Capehart on Nikki Haley announcing her support for Trump

David Brooks:

But, to me, the crucial question is, what’s this election about.

Is this election — Abraham Lincoln said every election, every transformation election is about a central question. Is this election about Donald Trump is a threat to democracy? If that’s what’s really at the center of people’s minds, then the trial will have an effect.

But it could be the crucial question is, the elites are screwing us and our country is in decline because of it. And if that’s the crucial question, then Donald Trump will not be affected by this trial, because people have bigger things on their mind.

And my revelation over the last month is that it’s a mistake to look at this election in America-only terms. If you look around the world at who’s doing really well, it’s people like Donald Trump, whether it’s in — Modi in India, in Indonesia, a Geert Wilders in the Netherlands, all around the world, right-wing populists, Portugal with the Chega Party.

They’re doing phenomenal. And so this may be just that kind of year. But I’m uncertain. Which will be the central question? One of those two questions.

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