Ana Navarro slams Latino Trump supporters’ ‘very stupid attitude’

Ana Navarro was roasted as “truly ignorant” and “out of touch” after she lambasted Latino Trump supporters for what she deemed their “very stupid attitude” toward immigration.

“There are some Latino immigrants who forget they came here as immigrants and who want to shut the door behind them, and who think being anti-immigrant somehow is going to make them pass as more American, pass as whatever,” Navarro, a former GOP-er and a star of “The View,” said Friday evening during a spot on CNN. “And that’s a very stupid attitude to have.”

Ana Navarro is also an outspoken host on “The View.” Getty Images

Social media users were quick to pounce on Navarro’s comments, with one viewer denouncing the host as “another out of touch Liberal.”

“Who the heck do you think you are? I am very educated and not stupid!” another X user posted.

A third detractor chimed in, calling Navarro’s comments “truly ignorant and moronic.”

Navarro’s CNN appearance came one day after Donald Trump drew an estimated 8,000 to 10,000 people to his rally in the deep-blue Bronx.

The banner event made headlines in part due to the noticeable black and Latino contingent, many of whom were vocal about their concerns about illegal immigration, crime, and inflation.

Navarro’s CNN appearance came one day after Donald Trump drew almost 10,000 people to his rally in the Bronx.
Stephen Yang
Trump drew a large black and Latino contingent on Thursday night. Edna Leshowitz/ZUMA Press Wire /

In her remarks Navarro also referred to the 2019 mass shooting targeting Hispanics  in El Paso, Texas, FOX News reported.

“What folks don’t realize is that when the guy drives thousands of miles to go hunt down Latinos in a Walmart in Texas, he doesn’t care when you came here,” Navarro insisted.

“He doesn’t care what your accent is. What he’s looking for is, does it look like me, does it sound like me? That’s what he’s looking for. So, you know, when people are anti-something, they’re not asking for your papers, they’re just anti-that group,” she added.

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