Kathy Hochul calls Donald Trump’s New York supporters ‘clowns’ following Bronx rally

New York Governer Kathy Hochul has said that Donald Trump’s supporters who attended his rally in The Bronx on Thursday are “clowns”.

Just back from her trip to her family’s native home of Ireland, Hochul took aim at Trump and his supporters who showed up in their thousands at the New York rally.

Trump spent his Thursday campaigning within one of the nation’s most Democratic counties, hosting a rally in the South Bronx in an attempt to court minority voters.

Speaking in respnonse to the rally, Hochul defiantly said that: “New York will never, ever support Donald Trump for president.”

“Well, I’ll tell you what won’t make a difference at all, Jake, and that’s for Donald Trump to be a ringleader and invite all his clowns to a place like the Bronx”, Hochul told CNN.

“New York will never, ever support Donald Trump for president. We know him better than anyone and that means we understand what he’s all about. He’s just for himself. So, this state will go solidly behind Joe Biden for president as it has in the past.

“So, if he wants to spend his time doing these made-up, fake rallies and pretending there’s support here, be my guest, because while you’re doing that, Donald Trump, Joe Biden’s out there on the other side making sure he’s delivering for all Americans.”

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Trump’s team delivered an unsurprising response to Hochul, saying: “She is just upset that President Trump is pulling crowds in her state that she could only dream of.”

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