Donald Trump takes MAGA pitch to the South Bronx

Trump supporters from Far Rockaway, Rockland County, Long Island, and beyond descended on the South Bronx to witness Trump speak — the first Republican presidential candidate to visit the area since Ronald Reagan. Even the spackling of actual Bronx natives were thrilled he made the effort.

“This is history, and I get goosebumps because it’s like, wow,” Elizabeth Robles, 42, told Semafor. “He’s a New Yorker, so he already knows what it is to be from New York. And this is an honor having him here in the Bronx. Like it’s super dope.”

Christina Sholomon, 36, lives in Stanford, Connecticut but manages a gentleman’s club in Queens. She said Biden “didn’t do anything for us.”

“My boss, he’s a huge Trump supporter as well,” Sholomon added, “and I’m like ‘please let me leave early today,’ and he’s like, ‘all right, only because it’s for Trump.’”

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