Black Trump supporter says she’s proof that ‘not every woman of color is stupid’

Donald Trump rallied Thursday at a park in the Bronx, where his supporters mingled with critics from the predominantly Black and Hispanic community.

The Washington Post‘s Philip Bump wandered through the crowd observing encounters between the former president’s fans and his many detractors at Crotona Park, and the columnist spoke to a few Trump supporters who explained why they liked the quadruple-indicted ex-president.

“I feel like women of color are getting a bum rap,” said an older Black woman who called herself Miss M. “Not every woman of color is stupid … [Trump] has great knowledge.”

“And he’s strong!” her daughter added.

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Melinda Ramirez, 44, brought her three sons to the rally, and she told Bump that she had not voted for Trump in 2016 but did four years later.

“I had no idea what was going on, even about him, but 2020? COVID woke all of us up,” Ramirez said.

She lost her job during the pandemic and was frustrated by school closures, and that’s when she started to pay attention to politics.

“That just made me want to say, okay, what’s going on now? I’ve got to watch the news — what are they going to do?” Ramirez said “And then I just started seeing the hatred for him, and I was like, what is going on?”

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