Thousands of Trump fanatics swarm NYC park for rally

Thousands of hardcore Trump fanatics flooded the South Bronx Thursday for the ex-president’s campaign rally — including one diehard who likened the Republican to one of the most famous civil rights activists.

“He represents us, the blacks in this city and in the world. He’s a real Nelson Mandela,” Paget Jones, 45, of Harlem, told The Post outside the Crotona Park event.

The Big Apple teacher — wearing a red MAGA hat — likened Trump’s fight against his four federal indictments to the 27 years Mandela spent behind bars for going against his country’s racist policies.

Trump is the first current or former president to be indicted on criminal charges.

Thousands swarmed Crotona Park in hopes of hearing ex-President Trump speak at his first rally in the state in eight years. REUTERS

“The fact that I like Trump and why a lot of black people are out here in the Bronx for Trump is because Trump is a fighter. Trump has that God factor. They prosecuted him, they lied about him!” she said, adding that she voted for him twice.

“The minorities of New York, they’re coming around. He definitely represents that vote.”

The South Bronx rally marks the first Trump, 77, has hosted in his native state in eight years, and comes just two weeks after an event on the Jersey Shore two weeks ago drew a crowd of nearly 100,000.

Only 3,500 were permitted to enter the Bronx gathering, but the crowds outside the check-in gates well exceeded the capacity cap in hopes of watching the rare event. While there was no immediate crowd estimate from the NYPD, the Trump campaign said that at least 20,000 people were gathered outside.

Red MAGA hats and “Let’s Go Brandon” T-shirts were spotted throughout the Big Apple park in preparation for the ex-president and a pungent odor of marijuana hung in the air.

Paget Jones of Harlem likened Trump to Nelson Mandela because he “represents us, the blacks in this city and in the world.” LP Media for NY Post

Among the attendees were a rapper with a thigh tattoo of the Republican’s face and a MAGA diehard who follows Trump across the country in an RV decked out in Trump regalia.

One man even dressed as the 2024 candidate, donning Trump’s signature red tie and blue suit combo, along with a pouty duck face.

Christopher Ahearn, 66, of Norwood, was one of many hopefuls standing in line to attend the rally, which would be the first he’s ever attended.

The rally attendance was capped at 3,500 people but a large crowd gathered outside. Getty Images

“I believe he cares about this country and cares about the citizens. I don’t think there is any choice,” the retired electrician said about Trump.

Ahearn staunchly supports the Republican, despite his own wife and his electricians’ union swaying for Biden. “I can’t get my wife to have common sense.

“Joe Biden has done nothing and he’s a criminal. He’s ridiculous! The man can’t walk. He can hit the nuclear button, and he’s a functioning moron.”

Steve Riley, 58, of the Bronx’s County Club neighborhood said he’s “very happy” for the opportunity to stand in line for 90 minutes to hear Trump speak.

Riley, who works in real estate, admires that Trump has remained steadfast in his conservative policies throughout his political career, even while taking a four-year hiatus.

“Why do I support him? Because there’s nothing that you can not support about him. All his policies are perfect — closing up the border, all types of stuff for the American people,” said Riley, wearing a “Trump 2024 Payback’s a Bitch” T-shirt.

Trump supporters and protesters clashed at the Bronx park, with some individuals resorting to shoving. REUTERS

“I’ve seen my business relationships, everyone has flipped even so-called Democrats have now changed their minds.”

Not all the attendees were pro-Trump, however. Several dozen resisters stretched out a “No dictators in the USA” sign outside the park in opposition to the Republican’s arrival.

Chaos briefly erupted when the opposing groups clashed inside the park, with several members of each side shoving the other and screaming.

“F–k Trump! F–k Biden, too! They don’t give a f–k about you!” the anti-Trump group shouted.

The conflict only lasted several minutes before the NYPD stepped in.

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