Trump Roasted For ‘Amazing Lie’ In Courthouse Speech

Donald Trump was called out for telling another big fib about security outside the Manhattan courthouse where his criminal hush money trial is taking place.

Speaking at the courthouse on Monday, the former president claimed, “Outside looks like it’s supposed to be Fort Knox. There’s more police than I’ve ever seen anywhere because they don’t want to have anyone come down. There’s not a civilian within three blocks of the courthouse.”

That’s not true, according to people who were there.

“This is an amazing lie, even for Trump. There is virtually complete freedom of movement around that courthouse,” conservative attorney George Conway, a vocal Trump critic, posted on X.

MSNBC host Stephanie Ruhle said Trump’s claim was “categorically FALSE.”

“Today is my first day attending the trial and Mr Trump’s description of the area surrounding the courthouse does not resemble the truth,” she tweeted.

HuffPost’s S.V. Date reported that just about “nothing” was happening on the streets outside the court, despite Trump’s warnings that the prosecution against him could trigger major protests and uprisings.

Since the start of the trial, Trump has repeatedly suggested, falsely, that a heavy security presence is to blame for the lack of turnout from his supporters.

Last month, the New York Times reported that Trump was disappointed with the paltry showing outside his trial. Trump subsequently lashed out at Times reporter Maggie Haberman, and claimed that “thousands of people were turned away” from the area. “It is an armed camp to keep people away,” he wrote on Truth Social.

See some of the reactions to his latest claim below.


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