Triumph Asks Trump Supporters What ‘Crime’ They’ll ‘Ignore’ Most In Wild Trial Scene

Triumph the Insult Comic Dog took to the streets of New York to speak with — and at times bark over — staunch Donald Trump supporters in chaotic scenes outside the former president’s hush money trial this week.

The iconic puppet, created and voiced by Robert Smigel, has led several paws-on efforts to mockTrumpbackers over the years and his recent video of his wild trip to a park outside a Manhattan courtroom didn’t disappoint, either.

“There appear to be a much larger contingent of Trump supporters here today though it’s hard to tell if these people are here to support Trump or if they’re living in the streets now that their Truth Social stock has plummeted,” said Triumph in a nod to the share price of the platform plunging this week.

The video featured several tense scenes from the park including confrontations between Trump supporters and people protesting the former president.

“You have to admire the diversity of this crowd, it is a virtual rainbow representing every kind of mental disorder,” the puppet said as a gaggle of Trump backers stood behind him.

“The stakes are so high, people don’t realize it. I mean, based on what we know so far, if Trump is found guilty, he could serve up to four years in the White House,” Triumph later told a supporter wearing a “Gays For Trump” shirt.

The puppet went on to ask a Trump backer if he can “really respect a president” who is 100% faithful to his wife.

“But seriously, of all these crimes that Trump is accused of, which one are you going to ignore the most when you go to the polls?” he later asked.

“The one that he was the grandfather of the vaccine,” replied the Trump supporter.

You can check out more of Triumph outside Trump’s hush money trial below.


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