Fox News Host Fact-Checks Reporter Over ‘Republican Talking Point’ On Abortion

Fox News’ Howard Kurtz on Sunday rebutted a guest’s suggestion that Democrats support infanticide.

Caroline Downey, a reporter for the conservative National Review, was on “MediaBuzz” discussing the extreme abortion ban set to take effect in Arizona.

Former President Donald Trump has said he believes the issue of abortion should be for states to decide but that the recent Arizona ruling went too far.

“This is the problem with the GOP messaging on abortion,” Downey said on Fox News. “It’s not effective counterattacks because what Trump said in his statement was the extremism of the Democrats is astounding, and it’s not marketed enough — the fact that they could support abortion up until the moment of birth and verges on infanticide.”

As Kurtz interrupted to point out, “The infanticide thing is a bit of a Republican talking point. Nobody is killing babies that have already been born.”

It is, indeed, untrue and a Republican talking point, pushed frequently by right-wing media and politicians. Trump has repeatedly insisted, falsely, that Democrats advocate for abortion up to and even after birth. He did so again last week when he issued a video statement on abortion, just one day before the Arizona Supreme Court ruled that an 1864 law criminalizing almost all abortions could be enforced.

Kurtz fact-checked Trump himself on a similar claim about abortion last month after sitting down with the presumptive GOP presidential nominee for an interview.

See Sunday’s Fox News exchange below, courtesy of Raw Story.

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