Donald Trump Attempts To Rally Supporters Ahead Of First Criminal Trial: ’72 Hours Until All Hell Breaks Loose!’

As his New York state trial commences, former President Donald Trump has ignited his base with a fundraising email titled “72 hours until all hell breaks loose!”

The trial, set to begin with jury selection on Monday, will scrutinize alleged hush money payments to adult film star Stormy Daniels ahead of the 2016 election.

In his message, Trump cast the trial as a sham, a direct attack on him aimed at dismantling the MAGA movement.

He positioned himself as a figure under siege, urging for a “MASSIVE outpouring of peaceful patriotic support” to counteract what he sees as an existential threat to his political future and the broader conservative cause.

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The former president’s call to action is a plea for financial contributions to combat what Trump perceives as a coordinated effort by Democrats, the media, and the “Globalist Deep State” to marginalize him and his followers, reported Mediaite. 

Here’s the text of the email, according to the outlet: 

“Now is the time to help me SAVE AMERICA and chip in 

Friend, on Monday, my SHAM trial in New York begins.


Democrats are chomping at the bit. They think if you see me sitting in court, it will be the end of the MAGA Movement.

If we fail to have a MASSIVE outpouring of peaceful patriotic support – right here, right now – all Hell will break loose.”

This isn’t Trump’s first time employing such tactics, echoing his earlier calls for a protest that eventually resulted in the Jan. 6 Capitol riot. However, Trump’s insistence on “peaceful” support highlights a cautious approach to mobilizing his base this time.

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