Trump Clearly Violates Gag Order, Engages In Witness Intimidation.

Folks, this Truth Social post by Donald Trump is a clear violation of the judge’s gag order. The gag order prohibits Trump from:

“Making or directing others to make public statements about known or reasonably foreseeable witnesses concerning there potential participation in the investigation or in this criminal proceeding.”  

Michael Cohen is a known witness, the prosecution has designated him as a witness on the list of witnesses for the trial for which jury selection begins on Monday. Having been already convicted for the conduct for which Trump is now also accused Cohen is obviously a key witness, if not the most important witness.

Trump’s supporters like to complain about a supposed double standard of justice. If you or I did this stunt we would at a minimum be held in contempt and jailed for the duration of the trial. That’s the minimum. Another likely result is that we would be slapped with an additional felony charge for witness intimidation/tampering.

If none of those things happen then there is indeed a two tier system of justice in this country. It is a system that favors rich and powerful men like Trump, who can use their popularity and politician status to avoid justice that would be administered to anyone else.

One other point, to answer Trump’s question, Michael Cohen was prosecuted and convicted for lying. Cohen lied to a bank about the purpose of the loan he took out to pay off Stormy Daniels on behalf of Donald Trump. Cohen was also separately convicted for lying to Congress on behalf of Trump. Cohen lied to conceal business dealings Trump had with Russia even after he had been elected. Cohen was convicted and went to jail (in part) for that lying.

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