NYT Sienna Poll Shows Near Parity

I know many here hate the NYT with the heat and passion of a million suns but here you have it.

Biden Shrinks Trump’s Edge in Latest Times/Siena Poll

For those who like looking at actual numbers and the cross tabs.

Cross-Tabs: April 2024 Times/Siena Poll of Registered Voters Nationwide

There’s not too much there to excite me. All polling has shown a tightening with President Biden at nearly the same place as Trump. RCP average has had Trump at 0.2% for a while. As I always say, the topline has less interest for me than the issues and the crosstabs.

Smaller sample sizes make for noisier results but I’m ok with that. I take each result not too seriously and look for general trends. My interests lie in what issues are most important, how non whites are trending, and what sort of vote switching is going on.

In the article it’s claimed that each candidates supporters are reverting back to how they voted in 2020 to a larger extent. Which is good. Biden picked off quite a few former Trump supporters. Hispanic voters still show weak support compared to historically, as do Black voters. Hispanic 41% Trump, Black 16%. Not disastrous, but not good either. The BA/No BA Split is more pronounced than in 20 also. 

Have at it. 

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