MAGA fan tells CNN: ‘Trump is so doggone close’ to Jesus

CNN correspondent Donie O’Sullivan took to the streets to talk to evangelical Trump supporters and find out more about why they believe former President Donald Trump is important to the survival of faith in America — and got some eye-catching answers.

One of the most striking came from Grace Riedinger, a Trump supporter who was wearing a “Jesus Christ ’24” shirt, and did not consider that to be an exaggeration.

When O’Sullivan asked her “Is [Jesus] on the ballot?” she replied, “He’s not on the ballot, but Trump is so doggone close.”

Trump, who is currently facing multiple criminal trials for the plot to overturn the presidential election and for an alleged scheme to buy the silence of an adult film star he had an affair with, appears perfectly comfortable with the idea he’s like Jesus; this Easter, he shared an article comparing his own legal and political troubles to the Cruficixion.

In another part of the segment, O’Sullivan stumped another Trump supporter, Sharon Manders, by asking how Christianity is actually threatened in America.

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“Do you think, is America a Christian country?” he said. “Founded as a Christian country?”

“I believe that — growing up I did,” said Manders. “Yes, founded as a Christian country.”

“But obviously in the Constitution, there is that separation of church and state?” said O’Sullivan.

“Well yes, but then there’s also, uh, always — when I went to public school, we were allowed to pray,” said Manders. (Prayer is still allowed in public schools, faculty is just not allowed to lead classes in denominational prayer.)

“When you say Christianity is under attack in America, you’re talking about in the schools?” he followed up.

“Not so much the schools, but just, uh — I just can’t come up with anything right now,” she admitted.

Watch the video below or at this link.

MAGA fan declares ‘Trump is so doggone close’ to

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