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GREEN BAY, WI (WTAQ-WLUK) – Three Republicans are vying to become the next representative for Wisconsin’s 8th District — a historical stronghold for the party.

They are State Senator Andre Jacque, former State Senator Roger Roth, and former business owner Tony Wied — who is backed by former President Trump.

“It’s the greatest honor of my life to have it and I’m looking forward to working with President Trump to work on the big issues that are going on in Washington,” Wied said.

In a post on social media announcing the endorsement, Trump also addressed Roth, calling him a “clone” of Paul Ryan. Trump went on to say Roth is no friend of MAGA, saying he should “drop out of the race NOW.”

“You know, the one thing Trump loves more than anything is a winner, and when we win this race, I know he’ll be standing right beside me as I work with him to help deliver Northeast Wisconsin for Republicans, so nothing really changed in this race,” Roth said.

Now, some Trump supporters are echoing Trump’s sentiments.

“Roger Roth is a career politician who does not represent the values of the Republican party — President Trump’s Republican party,” Wisconsin College Republicans Chair Billy Blathras said. “Tony Wied is a successful businessman and America First outsider who embodies the traits of the new party.”

However, Roth has received support in the race from other prominent Republicans.

“Governor Scott Walker endorsed me because he knows I’m the proven conservative fighter in this race,” Roth said. “Also been endorsed by Mike Pompeo, former Secretary of State here in the United States. He recognized that my military experience uniquely sets me apart.”

But how will this influence Republican voters in August?

“With Trump’s endorsement, he [Wied] has a legitimate chance of beating two veteran politicians,” Lawrence University History Professor Jerald Podair said.

Podair said he’s expecting a competitive three-way primary.

“This is also an illustration of how Donald Trump plays politics, because it’s quite possible that Roger Roth would’ve had Trump’s endorsement had he promised to support Trump in 2024 when Roth was running for Lt. Governor.”

Trump did not mention Jacque, who — in a recent Cygnal Poll — was shown to have a slight lead over Roth.

“He is Trump oriented,” Podair said. “The closer you are to the populous wing, the Trump wing of the Republican party, at this point, the better you’re probably going to do, at least among Republicans.”

“I think that I just have a proven conservative track record, certainly delivering for my constituents,” Jacque said. “I think that I’m the grassroots choice, but somebody that has proven time and time again in Madison that I can get things done.”

As far as Jacque is concerned, his focus is not on Trump’s endorsement, but rather continuing to spread his message to voters.

“At this point, I don’t think anybody really knows a whole lot about Tony Wied, including myself,” Jacque said. “I’m really not quite sure what he stands for or where he’s at on the issues, but welcome to the race,”

The Republican primary will take place on Aug. 13.

Currently, Dr. Kristin Lyerly, an OBGYN, is the lone Democrat in the race.

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