GOP Rep’s Trump Election Claim Leaves Fox News Host Shaking Her Head

Fox News’ Arthel Neville appeared non-plussed by Rep. Jeff Van Drew’s (R-N.J.) answer to her question about Republicans accepting defeat if President Joe Biden beats presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump in the 2024 election.

On Monday, Van Drew baselessly claimed to Neville that Trump was being “persecuted” in his multiple criminal cases because “the left is really concerned that he has a real shot” at beating Biden.

“The American public is not dumb,” he added. “Donald Trump is going to win, and the American people are gonna support him.”

Neville acknowledged Van Drew’s comment that Trump “is going to win.”

Then she asked, “If Donald Trump does not win, will you and the rest of the Republicans and the supporters of Donald Trump accept that he did not win and that the fix is not in? Because that’s very crucial for us to have fair and safe elections.”

Trump still refuses to accept he lost the 2020 election to Biden.

Van Drew responded, “If the elections are fair and safe, I always support the result of the election. If they are not, I have concerns and the bottom line is I don’t think…”

Neville shook her head at Van Drew’s response and interrupted him to ask, “So if Trump wins, it’s fair. If Biden wins, it’s not fair. Is that what you’re saying, congressman?”

“No, Arthel, it’s not what I’m saying,” replied Van Drew, who defected to the GOP in 2019 amid Democrats’ first impeachment of Trump for his attempt to extort Ukraine for political dirt on Biden.

“What I am saying is I don’t even think about him not winning because in my mind and many Americans’ minds, including middle-of-the-road independents and Democrats, the future of our nation and the Republic is at risk,” he added. “This is not about saving the Republican Party, this is about saving the Republic.”


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