Left ‘jealous’ Biden voters don’t have ‘passion’ that Trump voters have: Jesse Watters | News

Fox News host Jesse Watters suggested former President Donald Trump‘s supporters have more “passion” than President Joe Biden‘s supporters.

Friday’s airing of The Five featured a discussion on a poll by Fox News that found 60% of respondents said their lives are bad under the Biden administration. Meanwhile, 47% reported a bad life during Trump’s presidency.

“That’s why it’s so easy to vote this year because four years ago, you had the guy. It wasn’t like you don’t remember what it was like four years ago,” Watters said. “Everybody remembers. The only person who doesn’t remember is an old, elderly man with a hazy memory. But that’s an advantage as a voter — it is still fresh. That’s why people are now saying, ‘Well, wait a second. I don’t like where we are going.'”

Watters pointed to Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson‘s rescinded endorsement of Biden as an example of people who have changed their minds about Biden.

“I just think what they’re trying to do is socially shame people for being associated with the Trump movement. They’re trying to say, look at these freaks: They wear colorful outfits, [they] wear silly hats, and you don’t wanna be associated with them at all,” Watters added. “But deep down, you know what, Judge [Jeanine Pirro]? They’re jealous that Biden voters don’t have the kind of passion the Trump voters have for Trump.”


This comes as the Biden campaign is seemingly bleeding support from minority voters. Biden and Trump are nearly deadlocked among Latino voters in Arizona and Nevada, according to a poll from the American Principles Project. Another USA Today poll reported that 63% of black voters support Biden. However, the Democratic Party has more recently enjoyed a much larger majority.

Biden beat Trump by a 4-point margin in the popular vote in 2020. That election year, there was an voter turnout increase of 6%.

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