Biden is the real threat to democracy

I continue to read letters from readers willing to put up with open borders, inflation, high mortgage rates and wars as their sacrifice for “saving the democracy.”

In the last three years, we have seen the weaponization of the Department of Justice and prosecution of Donald Trump’s supporters with draconian sentences. The statute of limitations was changed in New York to bring up a 30-year-old case nearly impossible to defend. There are very good reasons for these statutes.

We have watched states attempt to remove Trump from the ballot, an attempt overturned 9-0 by the Supreme Court. We have watched a court in New York try to bankrupt his company by pretending banks give out loans without doing their own due diligence. We have also seen in Georgia an at-best unethical district attorney, but more likely criminal, try to bring down the former president as the left turns a blind eye.

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We have watched the media and press hide President Joe Biden’s obvious mental frailty. We watched NBC fire a political consultant who may offer an opposing view. We have watched our once-proud local paper print one-sided editorials almost exclusively. The “bloodbath” comment made recently by Trump was obviously talking about the auto industry. We have watched millions of immigrants cross the southern border without any knowledge of who is entering our country.

Many of us willing to look at things without animosity toward former President Trump certainly know where the true threat to democracy lies. Our country cannot afford another four years of Biden.

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