Desi Lydic Gives ‘Pathetic Worm’ Trump Blunt Lesson In Voting

“Daily Show” correspondent Desi Lydic is sounding the alarm on Donald Trump’s latest attempt to stack the deck in his favor in November’s presidential election.

Lydic rolled footage of a lawmaker in Nebraska slamming Trump as a “pathetic worm” for trying to alter how the state awards its electoral votes.

“Excuse me, ma’am, but whatever happened to decorum?” Lydic said after the clip. “That’s former President Pathetic Worm.”

Nebraska is one of just two states that award electoral votes based on congressional districts, which allowed President Joe Biden to pick up a single electoral vote from the state in 2020.

Now, Trump and his allies are pushing Nebraska to change to the more common winner-take-all system, which would deny Biden that electoral vote and potentially set the stage for a tie in the Electoral College.

“And you might be wondering, ‘What happens in that case?‘” Lydic said. “Well, it’s simple, really. Have you ever seen the ‘Purge’ movies? It’s like that.”

Lydic not only called on Nebraska to continue to award votes by congressional district but suggested expanding it.

“What if every state split up their votes, like Nebraska, by district,” she said. “Or maybe even by person, y’know? Then, whoever wins the most persons would be president. That would be pretty popular. Oh, we could call it the popular vote!”

See more in her Thursday night monologue:

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