Trump Tells Israel To End Gaza Conflict For Public Image

Former president Donald Trump urged Israel to speed up its brutal offensive in Gaza against terror group Hamas because images of the destruction there are creating bad publicity for Israel.

“Every night, they’re releasing tapes of a building falling down. They shouldn’t be releasing tapes like that. That’s why they’re losing the PR war. They, Israel, is absolutely losing the PR war,” Trump told conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt in an interview Thursday.

The humanitarian situation in war-torn Gaza has become so difficult that officials within the U.S. government’s Agency for International Development warned in an internal assessment that famine is likely already happening in parts of Gaza and deaths are likely to accelerate due to hunger.

In addition to an estimated 31,000 dead and 2 million people displaced by the offensive Israel started after the Oct. 7 terror attack by Hamas, Israeli forces killed seven World Central Kitchen aid workers in an incident that raised new worries about the military’s engagement rules.

For Trump, the best thing Israel can do would be to get the invasion over with as quickly as possible, even as the White House has counseled against an incursion into the southern Gaza city of Rafah without a plan to minimize the impacts on civilians.

“Get it over with. They’ve got to finish what they finish. They have to get it done,” Trump said. “Get it over with, and get it over with fast, because we have to, you have to get back to normalcy and peace.”

In a wide-ranging talk, Trump also opined on a variety of topics, including:

  • Describing himself as a “fan” of Richard Nixon, the first president ever to resign in the wake of Watergate. (“I was a fan of his in many respects, OK? And so were you. But in many ways, he was his own worst enemy.”)
  • Accusing Biden of lying “about everything,” including how bad his golf game is. (“This guy lies. What he lies most about is his golf handicap. Not only is he not a six, he’s not a 36. 36 is the worst handicap you can have [in order] to qualify.”)
  • Expressing admiration for the Constellation-class U.S. Navy frigates being built in Wisconsin that were ordered in the Trump administration. (“They look like yachts with lots of weapons on them, lots of weapons. And they’ve really come out good.”)
  • Saying he sold a yacht once because he spent his time golfing instead. (“It was a beautiful yacht, but yachting wasn’t for me, because I liked, if you’re a golfer, you can’t be a golfer and a yachter.”)

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