Mockery Floods In After Trump Botches ‘We Will Deport You’ Threat

Donald Trump was the subject of social media ridicule after making a gaffe during his rally in Green Bay, Wisconsin, on Tuesday.

“If your constitutional rights have been violated, we will defend you. If you have illegal aliens invading your home, we will deport you,” the former president said at one point.

That flub, in particular, caught people’s attention.

“So, if illegal immigrants were found at Mar-a-Lago we could deport Trump?” journalist Brian J. Karem wrote on X, formerly Twitter, presumably referencing reports that Trump has employed undocumented workers at several of his businesses, including his Palm Beach, Florida, estate.

Trump reportedly plans to implement an even more extreme anti-immigration agenda in a potential second term, including mass deportations and sending undocumented people to detention camps.

If reelected, Trump told his supporters in Green Bay, “We’re going to end up with the largest deportation in America.”

“I’m here to declare Biden’s border bloodbath … ends the day I take office. I will end the carnage,” he said, according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

Elsewhere during the rally, Trump falsely told supporters that “it came out that we won this state” during the 2020 presidential election. President Joe Biden won Wisconsin in 2020; Trump won in 2016.

He also seemed to forget who was president in 2021, telling the crowd, “Three years ago, we were a great nation,” and complained about having to pay bond while appealing civil judgments against him, saying, “If you kill somebody, there’s no bond.”

Trump has been prone to verbal blunders on the campaign trail, with his “we will deport you” slip-up being the latest instance.


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