Newsmax Runs Post Calling Out Trump’s ‘Degrading Rhetoric,’ Customers Lose It

Customers of Newsmax went ballistic Tuesday after the far-right channel shared a social media post describing Donald Trump’s “degrading rhetoric” at a campaign stop.

The network, a staunch Trump ally, was sharing a Reuters wire story that was identified as such only at the bottom of the article once readers clicked the link in the post on X (formerly Twitter). But otherwise, the article appeared as though it had been written by Newsmax. The conservative channel repeated the wire story’s lede nearly verbatim in the X post.

“Donald Trump called immigrants in the United States illegally ‘animals’ and ‘not human’ in a speech in Michigan, resorting to the degrading rhetoric he has employed time and again on the campaign trail,” the X post read.

The Newsmax tweet that generated the uproar.
The Newsmax tweet that generated the uproar.

The article, headlined “Trump Calls Migrants ‘Animals’ In Michigan Stop,” on Newsmax’s website, was followed by eye-opening fact-checks (at least for some conservatives) that called out Trump’s fear-mongering on the border crisis. “Researchers say people living in the U.S. illegally do not commit violent crimes at a higher rate than native-born citizens,” Reuters wrote.

It also said that “Trump frequently claims without evidence that migrants have caused a spike in violent crime in U.S. cities. On Tuesday, he repeated an unfounded claim that Latin American nations are intentionally sending their criminals into the United States.”

Many of the respondents did not appear to realize that the story was mainstream wire ― or that it could have been auto-generated.

HuffPost has reached out to Newsmax for comment.

The outrage came fast and furious:

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