‘Clown’: Trump supporters melt down after judge tells ex-president he can’t claim immunity

Former President Donald Trump’s supporters and allies went berserk after Judge Juan Merchan ruled the former president can’t assert presidential immunity in his Manhattan hush money criminal case, which is scheduled to start later this month.

Aside from the fact that the alleged offenses happened before he even became president, Merchan found Trump had exhausted the window of time when he could even raise such objections. This comes as Trump has launched a volley of attacks against Merchan and his family.

Merchan’s latest order only further inflamed anger from MAGA world.

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“Judge Merchan thinks he knows more than SCOTUS by refusing to wait until SCOTUS rules on Trump’s presidential immunity claim,” wrote MAGA commentator Charles R. Downs. “In his decision, Merchan refers to J6 as an insurrection. Merchan’s anti-Trump bias is quite evident. Trump can’t receive a fair trial in New York.”

“HOLY SH*T: In a new filing denying Trump’s claims of immunity, Judge Juan Merchan calls Jack Smith’s J6 case against Trump in DC the ‘FEDERAL INSURRECTION MATTER,'” wrote self-proclaimed “insurrection denier” and political strategist Julie Kelly. “Can someone send this clown a copy of the indictment?”

“Should be thrown off the bench for being so political. Such political hacks,” posted the account “GuyFromTexas.”

@_johnnymaga chimed in: “BREAKING: Radical left Judge Juan Merchan denies Trump’s immunity claim in the NY ‘hush money’ trial.”

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