Seth Meyers Says This Trump Rant Might Be ‘The Most Deranged Thing’ He’s Posted

Seth Meyers says Donald Trump’s Easter Sunday tirade might be one of his wildest ones yet.

“He posted 70 times on Easter! What’s in the baskets at the Trump family Easter egg hunt, Cadbury meth eggs?” the “Late Night” host said during Monday’s monologue.

“Here is Donald Trump’s Easter greeting in its entirety. I hope you’re ready for this, because it’s insane,” he added, before delivering his dramatic reading of the all-caps Truth Social rant.

As Meyers noted, the post started with “HAPPY EASTER TO ALL,” and ended with “HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE,” but the good vibes stopped there.

Everything in between was a little less festive, and included attacks on the “CROOKED AND CORRUPT PROSECUTORS AND JUDGES” overseeing the criminal and civil cases against him, whom he accused of trying to “INTERFERE WITH THE PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION OF 2024.”

“The worst part? Stole that from a Hallmark card,” Meyers quipped.

“That Easter rant might be the most deranged thing Trump has ever posted online, which is saying something because he once misspelled his own name,” he added. “Just put yourself in a place where a friend or loved one sent you a text like this. Would you immediately alert your entire family and urge them to seek help? Or would you write back and say, ‘You’ve got my vote in November!’”

Trump makes a habit of posting vicious screeds to mark various holidays. In December, he wished a “merry Christmas to all” in a post that also called for people he opposes to “ROT IN HELL.”

Watch Meyers’ roast below.

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