MAGA Christians are following Trump on ‘a miserable march to hell’: MSNBC’s Mika

MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski on Monday teed off on former President Donald Trump’s angry Easter tirades, and she expressed bewilderment that so many self-proclaimed Christians were among his biggest supporters.

Brzezinski started of by recapping Trump’s very busy Easter, where he posted to this Truth Social platform more than six dozen times.

“Donald Trump… spent another religious holiday posting on Truth Social 77 times — sometimes unhinged, sometimes nonsensical, lots of all-caps, definitely very mean — on Easter,” she recounted. “The presumptive 2024 Republican nominee went after his perceived enemies all day. Among his many posts, one in all caps, blasting the ‘evil and sick’ prosecutors looking to hold him accountable for his alleged crimes. He also shared two far-right news articles: One titled ‘The Crucifixion of Donald Trump’ and the other calling him a miracle and the Chosen One sent by God.”

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She then turned to guest Chris Matthews an expressed bewilderment that so many Christians in America could follow him.

“I’m just curious, with this man whose every day is a miserable march to what God-fearing Christians would call hell… why is this lost on people who love Jesus and follow the message of Jesus?” she asked Matthews.

Matthews responded by saying that Trump’s message should be offensive to many Christians given that he seems to be breaking the Bible’s Second Commandment by making himself into an idol.

“Donald trump is saying, ‘I am the shepherd, I am Him, I’m God,'” he explained. “It’s astounding to me, it’s blasphemy, as Maureen Dowd said in the New York Times yesterday. That’s the way he talks.”

Trump has repeatedly shared content comparing himself to Jesus Christ, and last week he began hawking $60 Bibles as a way for his fans to show their devotion to him.

Watch the video below or at this link.

MAGA Christians are following Trump on ‘a miserable march to hell’

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