Ex-Prosecutor Exposes Chilling Takeaway From Trump’s Attacks On Judge’s Daughter

Former federal prosecutor Andrew Weissmann on Thursday slammed former President Donald Trump for his repeated social media attacks on the daughter of the judge overseeing his upcoming hush money trial in New York.

Weissmann acknowledged it would be easy to dismiss Trump’s attacks on the daughter of Acting New York Supreme Court Justice Juan Merchan as just “more of the same” from the four-times-indicted presumptive GOP nominee.

But “it is really important not to just normalize this,” Weissmann told MSNBC’s Joy Reid.

“So many people talk about predicting what would a Trump 2.0 administration be, and should we really think he’s going to be a dictator and what will happen,” he said. “And my response to that is, ‘You can look right now at what he’s doing and saying.’ And for people who are fair-minded, I would say, ’What do you say about somebody who attacks the daughter of a judge?”

“I mean, is there no depth to which he will not descend?” Weissmann asked. “It is so important to not get inured to what this is.”

Reid suggested Trump was engaged in “dictator talk.”

Weissmann earlier said it will be “interesting” to see how Merchan responds to Trump’s rhetoric and whether he decides to expand a gag order which bars him from making public statements about jurors, court staff, prosecutors and witnesses in the case — but does not bar comments about himself or his family.

Watch Weissmann’s analysis here:

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