Trump supporters shot my horse, Stormy Daniels says

After the New York case was announced, Michael Cohen, Trump’s former lawyer, texted her to express his fear for her safety, Ms Daniels said. Her address was also leaked online.

Ms Daniels, whose real name is Stephanie Clifford, said that she has since received numerous threats on social media and been bombarded with personal insults.

One user said: “Hope you die b—-.” Another message told her to kill herself and someone else said she “will die and be forgotten”.

In a separate interview with ABC on Wednesday, she said: “Suddenly the indictment happens.. it was like 2018 all over again, except now they’re more vicious because they’ve been encouraged.

“They’re more like suicide bombers this time around, where they honestly truly believe that they are being patriotic and that I am like the devil.”

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