Stormy Daniels Claims Trump Supporters Shot Her Horse at Her Home

Stormy Daniels attends the 2019 Adult Video News Awards in Las Vegas, Nevada, in January 2019.
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  • Stormy Daniels claimed that Trump supporters shot her horse with a rubber bullet at her home.
  • Daniels said she has faced violent threats since Trump was indicted over a hush-money scheme.
  • Her new documentary “Stormy” on Peacock details these threats.

Adult film actor Stormy Daniels claimed that Donald Trump supporters shot her horse with a rubber bullet as retribution for her claims that she had an affair with the former president.

In her new documentary “Stormy” on Peacock, Daniels said that the supporters traveled to her Louisiana home and attacked her horse.

“They shot him with the rubber bullet,” she said. “The horse survived but still has marks from where it was shot.”

Daniels, 45, described how she has faced increasingly violent threats from the former president’s supporters since he was indicted last year in connection with a scheme to pay her $130,000 hush money during his 2016 presidential campaign.

Trump has repeatedly and consistently denied having sex with Daniels.

She said she has regularly received threatening messages on social media and felt that she was not given adequate protection from authorities.

“The justice system failed me,” she said in the documentary, according to NBC News. “I was completely sure that I was going to die.”

In the documentary, the manager for her “Make America Horny Again” stripping tour said that Daniels faced regular threats on the tour.

“Security guards would report people showing up trying to bring guns in, knives in. It was terrifying,” the manager said, per People magazine.

Daniels told ABC News this week that the indictment, which was the first time a former or current American president faced criminal charges, had reignited fury from Trump’s supporters.

“Suddenly, the indictment happens… It was like 2018 all over again,” Daniels said, referring to the initial backlash when she first went public with her affair claims.

“Except now they’re more vicious because they’ve been encouraged,” she said. “They’re more like suicide bombers this time around, where they honestly truly believe that they are being patriotic and that I am like the devil.”

Daniels has said in media interviews that she met Trump at a charity golf tournament in July 2006.

She alleged the pair had sex once in his hotel room at Lake Tahoe.

“I don’t remember how I got on the bed, and then the next thing I know, he was humping away and telling me how great I was,” Daniels says in the new documentary.

The hush-money trial was originally scheduled to begin on March 25.

However, Trump’s lawyers have sought to delay the start date by at least 90 days — citing the documentary’s premiere date as a major reason.

“President Trump requires additional time to review” the documentary, his lawyers said in a filing last month.

“And the Court must allow additional time for the prejudice from its release to abate prior to commencing jury selection.”

The judge agreed on Friday to a far shorter delay, telling both sides that he will likely set a mid-April trial start date.

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