Biden and Trump face uphill battle to keep young voters’ attention until November

President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump are fighting to keep young voters on their side in Michigan and Pennsylvania, two vital swing states where the two are virtually tied.

According to a new CNN poll, voters in Michigan and Pennsylvania are dissatisfied with the presumptive nominees. One-sixth of voters said they are “double haters,” holding an unfavorable view of both Trump and Biden.

In Pennsylvania, voters are split evenly with each candidate polling at 46%. In Michigan, Biden faces a challenge with Trump polling ahead at 50%.

Most voters in both states said they’ve already decided who they’ll vote for in the general election. A quarter in each state, however, said they may change their mind come November. Those voters could swing the election as Biden won those states by narrow margins in 2020.

Some of the slipperiest voters are independents and those younger than 35.

In Michigan, 45% of independents and 41% of young voters say they haven’t made up their minds on who they’re casting a ballot for. The figures are lower in Pennsylvania, where 32% of independents and 34% of young voters said the same.

A majority of Trump supporters said they are voting for him because of who he is, not in opposition to Biden. For Biden, many of his supporters said they are voting for him in opposition to Trump. 

In both states, more than 50% of people polled said a Trump presidency would “fundamentally change things in the U.S.,” while about a quarter of people polled said Biden would do the same.

For Biden supporters, about a quarter of people polled said protecting democracy is their top priority this election, while Trump supporters said the economy is their top priority.

Biden and Trump are the main attraction in Michigan, as the crucial, but largely secondary down-ballot Senate contest didn’t register with many voters.

The race to replace Sen. Debbie Stabenow (D-MI) is one of the most important contests in the fight for control of the Senate. But voters didn’t have strong opinions about any of the candidates.


Rep. Elissa Slotkin (D-MI) is leaving the House after three terms to compete for Stabenow’s seat. She’ll face former GOP Rep. Mike Rogers, who represented Michigan’s 8th District from 2011-2014. Those who do have an opinion are largely divided on whether or not that opinion is good or bad.

In Pennsylvania, Sen. Bob Casey (D-PA) is seen as favorable, while his Republican challenger David McCormick is still widely unknown.

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