Democrats should ‘grow up,’ listen to Trump supporters

J.P. Morgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon slammed Democratic messaging about MAGA, or “Make America Great Again,” Republicans on Wednesday, telling Democrats to “grow up” and “listen” to supporters of former President Trump.

“When people say MAGA, they’re actually looking at people voting for Trump and … they’re basically scapegoating them,” Dimon said on CNBC’s “Squawk Box.”

“I don’t like how [Trump] said things about Mexico … but he wasn’t wrong about some of these critical issues, and that’s why they’re voting for him,” Dimon continued. “And I think people should be a little more respectful of our fellow citizens.”

“I mean, really, can we just stop that stuff and actually grow up and treat other people with respect and listen to them a little bit,” he said, adding, “I think this negative talk about MAGA is going to hurt Biden’s election campaign.”

President Biden has repeatedly criticized “extreme MAGA Republicans” and tied the broader party to Trump as he ramps up his 2024 campaign and prepares to potentially face the former president again.

Trump remains the clear front-runner for the Republican presidential nomination, especially after winning the Iowa caucuses, and is nearly tied with Biden in general election polls, according to The Hill/Decision Desk HQ aggregation of polls.

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Biden fundraised off Trump’s win in the Hawkeye State on Monday night, once again referencing MAGA Republicans as he called on his supporters to donate to the campaign.

“Looks like Donald Trump just won Iowa. He’s the clear front runner on the other side at this point,” Biden said in a post on X, formerly known as Twitter. “But here’s the thing: this election was always going to be you and me vs. extreme MAGA Republicans. It was true yesterday and it’ll be true tomorrow.”

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