Joe Scarborough Has Advice For Biden, After He Reportedly Calls Trump ‘Sick F**k’

“Go out and show flashes of anger,” the “Morning Joe” host said on MSNBC.

Political analyst Elise Jordan called the revelations in the report “obvious” and “unsurprising.” Mara Gay of The New York Times’ editorial board said the development was “relatable” and there were “a lot of Americans out there who probably see this as pretty cathartic.”

Then Scarborough weighed in, recommending that the incumbent’s campaign handlers free him to be more of a regular Joe.

“I think this may be one reason why the White House probably should let him out more,” Scarborough said. “There’s been concerns that that he’s not getting out, he’s not doing enough stuff, he’s not answering enough questions. All right, so if he makes a mistake, he makes a mistake.”

Citing former George W. Bush chief of staff Andy Card, Scarborough noted that the 43rd president’s “bumbling” speech became an effective tool for communicating.

“He wasn’t speaking in flowery language, like, people felt like, ‘OK, yeah, he’s one of us,’ Scarborough said. “Well, that’s Biden. So let Fox News make fun of him because he has the same stutter he had since he was 14 years old. But go out and show flashes of anger.”

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