Jimmy Kimmel Gives Trump A Brutal Reality Check On Just How Unpopular He Is

Jimmy Kimmel on Wednesday night mocked Donald Trump over reports the former president is telling people that he’s more popular than Taylor Swift.

“If Taylor Swift told her fans to storm the Capitol on Jan. 6, they would’ve succeeded,” Kimmel said. “They would be running the country right now.”

The singer has become the target of right-wing conspiracy theories and conservative media over the belief she plans to endorse President Joe Biden for reelection this year.

But Kimmel said Trump’s attempt to fight Swift and her loyal Swiftie followers is one battle he can’t win.

“Who is he kidding, he’s more popular? If Donald Trump held a rally at SoFi Stadium here in L.A., they would still have enough empty seats to also hold a Taylor Swift concert that night,” he said.

Kimmel noted that Trump’s rallies are free, while people pay hundreds and even thousands to see Swift.

“Taylor Swift is so popular people want to watch her watching a football game,” he said. “The truth is, you’re not even the most popular Donald. That’s still a cartoon duck with a speech impediment and no pants on.”

Kimmel predicted Trump’s fight Swift could be what finally puts a stop to the former president.

“It won’t be Jan. 6. It won’t be the election fraud, or the sexual assault, or dancing with Jeffrey Epstein, or even fathering Don Jr.,” he said. “What’s finally gonna bring down Donald Trump will be an army of pissed-off Swifties.”

See more from his Wednesday night monologue:

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