Trump spent nearly $30M of his donor contributions on legal fees in just 6 months

Two of Donald Trump’s political action committees spent an astonishing $29 million in legal consulting and legal fees in the second half of last year, leaving only $5 million in his leadership PAC’s coffers.

The expenditures provide a stark illustration of how Trump’s courtroom issues have not just defined his campaign but begun to overwhelm it. In total, the former president spent roughly $50 million in donor funds on legal expenses over the course of 2023.

As Trump barrels towards the Republican presidential nomination, he faces 91 felony counts across four criminal cases that have put his political and legal calendars on a collision course and siphoned off a significant amount of resources from his 2024 efforts. Among those resources is his time. Trump spent several days in the lead up to the votes in Iowa and New Hampshire in courthouses rather than on the campaign trail.

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