Trump Finally Speaks Out About Those Red Splotches On His Hand

Former President Donald Trump claimed this week not to have knowledge of the red marks that were photographed on his hand as he left Trump Tower on Jan. 17 ― which brought with them a hail of theories on social media and late night TV.

On Wednesday, Fox News’ Mark Meredith asked Trump: “How’s your hand? It looks like it’s better now.”

“My hand?” Trump replied.

“Yeah, what happened the other day?” Meredith asked. “You didn’t see the photos? Coming out of Trump Tower?”

Trump and Meredith went back and forth.

The quadruply indicted Trump, who is an avid consumer of news about himself (even when it’s mocking or negative), claimed not to know what the journalist was talking about.

Trump then held up both hands and said “nothing” was wrong. “Maybe it’s A.I.,” he suggested.

The marks, which were caught on camera by a Getty photographer and others, had prompted much speculation online.

Late night host Jimmy Kimmel noted that some people thought it was “a common symptom of syphilis,” but he argued it was most likely ketchup after Trump “probably got his hands in a container of curly fries or something.”

Donald Trump was seen leaving Trump Tower on Jan. 17 with red marks on his hand.
Donald Trump was seen leaving Trump Tower on Jan. 17 with red marks on his hand.


The Republican 2024 front-runner would “be all over it” if a rival had been similarly pictured, Kimmel said. “He’d talk about it for years. He’d be posting in all caps about ‘Meatball Ron DeSyphilis’ and ‘Nikki Herpes.’ But they haven’t brought it up.”

“Tonight Show” host Jimmy Fallon, meanwhile, mocked Trump’s revolving door of attorneys by joking the red splotches were from him “finger-painting the face of his new lawyer, Wilson the volleyball.”

MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” team speculated that a Magic Marker could be to blame, or that perhaps Trump opened up blisters on his hands while slamming the table during writer E. Jean Carroll’s damages trial in federal court, where he was reportedly highly agitated.

However, unnamed sources close to Trump’s 2024 campaign told TMZ that blood from a paper cut was the culprit.

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